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Maraga: I wish all lawyers were Christians : The Standard



Chief Justice David Maraga receiving Honorary Degree from Daystar University. [Photo: Courtesy]

Chief Justice David Maraga said his utmost gift learned friends in legal profession can offer him is to be religious and be guided by Biblical teachings and Christian values.

He revealed he has always wished all his colleagues, and especially lawyers were devoted Christians.
“If I were asked to advise, I would urge that all lawyers should be Christians. The kind of functions, responsibilities bestowed upon lawyers require them to be people who fear God.
He added; “Quite a number of people wonder how a lawyer can be a Christian. When lawyers stand in court defending people, you know some even regard the accused as criminals even before they are convicted they see lawyers as people who are there to lie for others but that is not the case. That is not always the case”.

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The staunch Seventh Day Adventist church elder spoke during Daystar University’s 41st graduation on December 14 where he was bestowed Honorary Doctorate in Law. Maraga dwelled on Christian values in relations to legal profession.
“Those who graduate as lawyers will go out there and find out that there are sometimes you are holding huge sums of clients’ money. In respect of which they are trustees and you need to remember that, that is not your money. That is not a mean responsibility and trust people put upon them” Maraga said.
He said he was in situations where he was holding clients’ monies but that his adherence to Christian values enabled him maintain his integrity.
“Ever since I was informed that Daystar was considering me for this award I have been asking myself what exactly in my life journey made me candidate for such a great honour. What among the things I have done in my life can serve as an example to others so that they too may attain comfortable level of achievement? The thing I thought of is my acceptance of Jesus Christ as savior of my life and proclaiming his facts with pride and confidence for all to hear” he said.
He took time on gospel from Mathews 10 saying; “When you acknowledge the word he declared centuries earlier that the fear of lord is the beginning of wisdom all aspects of life, your work, your family, community engagement and so on fall into place and are aligned to celebrate your special relationship with God”.

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“As a lawyer and a judge the other thing I reflected on and to why you picked me for this honour is the interplay between my Christian life and my career as a lawyer and as a judge”.
Reiterating provisions of Constitution Maraga said even those unacquainted with Biblical teachings know the Constitution outlaw discrimination and seeks to enhance equality of all persons.
“Who dares dispute that all these are but transcript of the very Christian values that our Lord expects us to live by. We serve God of love and order. As Christians and judges, and everybody for that matter should be in the forefront in standing up against corruption and impunity” he said.

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