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Migori: Health team dismisses presence of ‘Jakadala’ STD



Health experts in Migori have dismissed claims of a strange sexually transmitted infection nicknamed ‘Jakadala’.

County health executive Isca Oluoch on Wednesday said: “so far the disease is a hoax, as Jakadala doesn’t exist in Migori.”

She was speaking following a report by a medical surveillance team that said it was investigating a report of patients of the disease in several medical facilities in the county.

“The reasons there was fear among locals is that the disease is sexually transmitted, we are yet to find any evidence but we are on high alert,” Oluoch said,

“We are not relaxed despite the nil finding, we are still keen and on high alert,” she added.

According to residents, the disease kills patients in less than a week even though no death from it has been reported.

The fear was fuelled by reports that about five patients are being treated for the disease. 

According to the latest government data on HIV prevalence, Migori is at 13.3 per cent.

Oluoch urged residents to adopt a healthy lifestyle and practice safe sex.

On Wednesday, popular Luo Ohangla musician Musa Jakadala whose song ‘Hera Remo’ is a hit said he was not disturbed with the hoax disease being linked to his name.

“I have taken it positively, in Luo culture a popular person who trends often is named after unknown natural phenomena like famine and ailments. I am honoured as it shows I am a hitmaker,” Jakadala said.

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