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Mourners curse ‘killers’ of Lake Baringo ‘Crocodile man’ during his burial



Mourners cursed the ‘killers’ of the slain Lake Baringo ‘crocodile man’ David Owino during his burial at Matera Village in Siaya County on Saturday.

Owino, 36, was allegedly beaten to death by Administration Police (AP) camp in Kampi ya Samaki, Baringo North Sub-county where he was arrested for being ‘drunk and disorderly’ on December 5.

“Don’t sleep, may your spirit not rest until all your killers are apprehended and brought to justice” mourners from the Luo community invoked the deceased with their traditional incantation.

Several ‘cursing’ ceremonies were held since the body was removed from Baringo County Referral Hospital in Kabarnet town on December 29.

The casket was dropped down many times on the ground, against the normal Luo culture, as the mourners especially aged women tied garments around their waists as they surround the body while screaming the names of the killer suspects.

His body was laid to sleep in his house on Friday night prior to his burial on Saturday, while some youth were assigned to dig the grave overnight.

“In a normal burial in Luo land the grave is dug during the day, but this one was deliberately done at night in order to sent curses to the perpetrators and set them to the hands of the ancestors” Louise Juma said.

Among those accused for the heinous killing are Akoroyan Assistant Chief Moses Chebii, Kampi ya Samaki resident Joseph Onyango who aided his arrest.

Another person is the AP officer Bosco Omboko who was then on duty and reportedly kicked him several times with hard-pointed boots until he was senseless and could not walk, he died on the spot.

On the material day, the deceased Owino was arrested for allegedly smoking near the shade of a business woman Jeruto Setanga.

Although they are known, the suspects are still enjoying freedom none has been arrested as the government officials seem to cover up the incident.

Until his death he worked as a makeshift local tour-guide at Lake Baringo Community Boats and Excursion (LBCBE).

Apart from feeding orphaned crocodiles, Owino also mastered unique art of handling dangerous scorpions without being bitten, a talent that lures local and international tourists to earn him a living.

He left behind a widow Alice Ekai with four kids who are currently living in a dilapidated rental house at Kampi ya Samaki town.

However, postmortem done at Kabarnet Hospital Mortuary on December 18 shows the death was as a result of tissue injuries due to multiple beating using blunt object.

Pathologists however recommended that the investigating officers should correlate with the above circumstances.

Police authorities have since warned the family not to leak out the postmortem results to the media or politicians to avoid causing ‘unnecessary’ tension.

However, David Kuria, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Nakuru Human Rights Network (NAHURINET) condemned the cold blood killing.

“We are calling upon IPOA, Directorate of Public Investigation to carry out proper investigation and those involved should face the law” Kuria said

His colleagues termed Owino as a humble, friendly and hardworking man who never picked quarrel or fights with anybody.

Hardened criminal?

On December 7, Baringo Warden Jackson Komen termed the late Owino as a hardened criminal who was being sought by police for ‘handling and feeding while animals illegally’.

“Media should therefore stop glorifying this man. In fact he is a culprit whom we have been hunting for many years to charge him for dealing with wild animals illegally” Komen said.

The warden further said they had not been consulted anytime the media toured the lake to interview this ‘wanted man.’

“In fact every time we hear media is around interviewing this man we try to get there but he always runs into hiding” Komen said.

Owino had his last engagement with the World BBC broadcast in Lake Baringo on November 26. Ends


Casket carrying the body of the slain lake Baringo ‘Crocodile man’ David Owino dropped several times on the ground as a curse to the ‘killer’ suspects before he was laid to rest at Matera in Siaya County on Saturday.

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