MP Agoi, women rep Adagala political wars erupt – Weekly Citizen

The political rivalry between Sabatia MP Alfred Agoi and Vihiga county women rep Beatrice Adagala is taking shape. Both Agoi and Adagala have roots in Sabatia constituency, the home ground of ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi. Adagala, born in Hamisi constituency, is married in Sabatia. Both were elected on ANC ticket in 2017. Political analysts say Agoi, who is aspiring for governorship in 2022, is working on a lineup that is sidelining Adagala. The MP’s concern being he cannot be governor when a women rep comes from his area.

Alfred Agoi

It is said Agoi has been shopping for a Munyore to be women rep with his running mate coming from Hamisi, which is occupied by Tiriki and Maragoli. Aware of Agoi political schemes, Adagala is among Mudavadi allies pushing for Vihiga governor Wilbur Ottichillo to defect to ANC and run on the party ticket 2022. However, within ODM Otichillo has the blessings of Raila Odinga to defend the seat on the party ticket. Otichillo was elected on ODM. Informed sources say Adagala the decision to back Otichillo is on the understanding that Emuhaya MP Omboko Milemba, although elected on ANC ticket, is for Otichillo second term reelection. Going by the current happenings in Otichillo Bunyore land, the ground is tilting in his favour with professionals from the region now throwing weight behind him.

Beatrice Adagala

That Otichillo influence in Bunyoreland cannot be taken for granted is manifested when an ANC MCA Moses Opole backed his impeachment, has found Mabungo ward ground hostile. Opole is politically being blamed for joining enemies to politically murder his own blood. Adagala backing Otichillo is aimed at winning sympathy votes among the Banyore community. Analysts say if Mudavadi is not picked the One Kenya Alliance presidential candidate, politics in the county will take a different dimension. We could not establish if Ottichillo will back Adagala in 2022.

Wilberforce Ottichilo

In Sabatia, it is said Agoi influence is dwindling on the ground going by the votes he got in 2013 and 2017. With Senator George Khaniri going for governorship and former governor Moses Akaranga, former county secretary Francis Ominde and Alex Kidake, the race for Vihiga governorship is turning sub-tribal. Political events are unfolding in the county with word, if Omboko is being courted to join ODM and team up with Luanda MP Christopher Omulele, also of ODM to back Otichillo re-election. Meanwhile, it is emerging that majority of MCAs in Emuhaya and Luanda constituencies are not staying at their homes. They have homes outside their wards. Some stay in Kisumu or neighbouring areas.

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