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Mucheru asks CA, CBK to probe M-Pesa services outage



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ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has instructed the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) to liaise with the Central Bank of Kenya and investigate the cause of the outage of M-Pesa services which was experienced Saturday and Sunday.

In a statement released on Sunday, Mr Mucheru said that the ministry is concerned after the disruption of the service which many Kenyans rely on for mobile money transfers.

After the investigations by CA and CBK, Mr Mucheru said a report will be forwarded to the government.

It will include measures that Safaricom, the M-Pesa service provider, will put in place to ensure that a similar disruption does not happen in the future.

He at the same time asked users of mobile money services to always have alternatives in case of such disruptions.

“Even as we ensure mobile service providers give uninterrupted services, we urge mobile money users to have redundancies to ensure continued services,” Mr Mucheru said in the press statement.

He added mobile money transfer across different networks in Kenya is now fully operational.

“Subscribers can now move money in their wallets across different mobile money service providers,” he said.

Safaricom said Saturday that the outage was caused by hitches affecting its database.