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Names of Machakos county staff in Covid-19 scandal – Weekly Citizen



Names of Machakos county government workers who benefited from irregular Covid-19 allowances payment can now be revealed by your favourite Weekly Citizen. According to Auditor General, Machakos was allocated a total of Sh425 million for Covid-19 response from March 2020. However, to loot the funds, those involved came up with what was termed health staff lunch allowances.

Ancent Kituku

Some 74 healthcare workers received Sh542,500 as lunch allowances but surprisingly they are not registered with Machakos county human resource master data. Weekly Citizen has information, those involved paid ghost workers majority of them relatives whom they shared the payments. As a result, discrepancy exists in schedules of payments, supporting payment vouchers and actual payment to individual accounts. One beneficiary is county health CEC Ancent Kituku who was overpaid with Sh47,000. Lucas Mwove got Sh31, 500. Surprisingly, Naomi Mutie, Morris Aluanga, Jackson Muthini, and Robert Maitha also officials at the county are said to have been underpaid.

Naomi Mutie

But sources say, they fronted those not in the master data base to get paid to avoid being linked to the scandal. According to records, 526 people were paid allowances totaling Sh1.9 million but with payments schedule is missing. Other beneficiaries were non-medical staff who received allowances also. Those implicated as not medical staff but were paid Sh75, 000 in total are Stephen Alphonce Kioko – chief driver office of the governor, Muinde Janeffer – support staff at finance department and Wambua Jacob Nduki – chief driver finance and revenue collection.

Morris Aluanga

The chief driver was fronted by Governor Alfred Mutua. Then we had duplicate payment of allowances to four employees with the double payment costing Sh120,000. Those captured in double or duplicate payments are staffers Mbatha Martin, Mutunga Regina, Muia David and Musau Michael Musyoka. Musyoka and Muia ended up buying new suits. Two ward administrators are linked to double allowances twice using same phone number registered in the name of Festus and Michael Mutuku.

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