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new flatter design & two new screen sizes – TechMoran



Once again, Apple took another chance to steal the show by launching its new Gen of connected watches. Compared with the past model, this new Model(Apple Watch Series 7) uses a slight facelift, as seen from its panels. The watch series seven is equipped with a broader format fitted with more round edges. The Best thing about the new model is that it is still compatible with your current straps.

Apple has additionally reduced the screen to 1.7 mm to increase the size of the screen to offer a more prominent display by 20 percent more. This has been done carefully without affecting its dimensions. The all-new modular will take advantage of this new screen size to reduce screen complications and display more information.

The firm has presented you with a complete keyboard to save you from using Siri every time you need to write messages. In standby mode, the screen was said to be 70 percent bright. The connected watch has been dispatched in  Blue,  RED(PRODUCT), Starlight, Midnight and  Green colors; hence apple has broken its rule of adding new colors each year to their products. The Apple Watch Series 7 is promoted as more dust-resistant, and its glass is made up to be stronger in a shock or fall.According to Apple, for connectivity purposes, the Apple watch series seven is shown in two modes (4G and wifi), with enhanced performance.

The Apple Watch Series 7, however, does not have additional health sensors. It can still analyze the heart rate and the oxygenation rate of the blood and continues to offer a function of detection of falls and an ECG but does not benefit from any improvement on the subject. We will have to wait another year or two for new developments in this area.

watchOS 8 is also part of the game and will be pre-installed on the Apple Watch Series 7. This new version will sign the arrival of a new application, “Mindfulness”, which replaces “Breathing” and will allow you to focus on your mental health by granting yourself meditation beaches. We can also quickly cite new options in the Messages app and share photos with loved ones faster from the dedicated app.

Finally, the autonomy, which remains the poor relative of the connected watch signed Apple, remains the same this year with the promise of 18 hours of use on a single charge. The Apple Watch Series 7 is, as the previous version, compatible with fast charging, and this year Apple offers a USB-C charging cable that allows you to go from 0 percent to 80 percent in 45 minutes. The Apple watch seven is to come before the year ends (in the coming weeks). During the presentation, what struck our attention was the Apple watch series 7 in Nike Edition in its available straps.

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