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New twist as bitter Wairimu lays claim on Tob Cohens property – Weekly Citizen




Bitter Sarah Wairimu, widow of the murdered dutch national Tob Chen is considering moving to court to fight for part of her inheritance after it emerged that the will left behind excludes her in totality.

Through her lawyer,  the enraged Wairimu has maintained that jointly built their multi-million empire including the the multi-million estate in Kitisuru.

Sarah Wairimu being escorted to police vehicle

As before, she painted  the late Tob Cohen as a man who wasn’t wealthy as people thought.She is determined to get her share which she claims to be 50% by virtue of marriage.

“All I can say and I had this from yesterday, is that if there is an attempt to interfere with her property rights in her matrimonial, home or even in the company, she will fight in court all the way to Supreme Court. Even if Cohen was to give out his claim over the property, Wairimu’s would still remain with 50%,” Murgor said.


Tob Cohen’s sister Gabrielle

Cohen left his estates and money in the bank to his sister Gabrielle van Straten and his nephews and nieces. Gabrielle will claim 50% of his possession and all his money in the bank while 25 % will go to her children. Another 25% of the tycoon’s wealth was granted to his brother Bernard Cohen’s children.

Sarah Wairimu believes that the will was doctored because in her possession is an affidavit signed in 2007 that shows the Late Tob Cohen gave her equal share of the matrimonial home in Kitusuru by virtue of their marriage.

Wairimu is a key suspect in the murder of Tob Cohen whose body was found decomposing at their Kitusuru home several weeks after his reported dissapearance.


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