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Nyamira senator Omogeni, warns MCAs as wars erupt – Weekly Citizen



When the residents of Nyamira county elected advocate Okongo Omogeni as their second senator, they had high expectations, dreams and hope that corruption and mismanagement of the county resources could come to an end, but to their consternation, he has turned out to be a strong defender, protector and lawyer for those looting from the county coffers with impunity. By virtue of being a former chairman the of Law Society of Kenya, the residents of Nyamira were duped that the person they were electing as their senator was bright and competent enough to cure political and economic ills which were being perpetuated by the late former governor John Nyagarama. It is now emerging that Omogeni took advantage of the weakness of the leadership of the late governor to also make fortunes by intimidating the former governor and members of his county executive with threats that he would sponsor the governor’s impeachment.

Okong’o Omogeni

When Uhuru Kenyatta visited Nyamira county late last year, Omogeni allegedly incited members of the public against the late governor because he had failed to give in monthly monetary demands. In a meeting which was held at Ikonge Primary School, Nyagarama was humiliated before the president and ODM leader Raila Odinga by being booed and heckled to an extent of being stopped from making his speech. The residents were bitter that Interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i who was present could not intervene to save the embarrassment caused to the late governor before the president. These are some of the political socials ills which have now turned to haunt Omogeni and Matiang’i who have of late lost political clout. When the governor died, the people of Nyamira thought that Omogeni was going to change his brand of politics but to their surprise and dismay things have become worse. As much as many Kenyans are viewing him on the television on debates on the impeachment of other governors from other counties, his own home county has more serious corruption and management challenges compared to those he had taken a lead to criticise. For his political survival, Omogeni has always created bad blood between the governor and members of the county assembly.

Okong;o Mong’are

That is why he has never bothered to address the political differences between the county assembly members, the speaker and the governor with the main reason that if the leaders worked together, he would miss the monetary gain which he is always getting out of the political feuds. Omogeni who is rarely seen in the county spends much of his time representing his clients in courts at the expense of the people who gave him the mandate. Following his dismal performance, a number of candidates have come out declaring their candidature for the seat of the senator. Among those in the race includes former senator Okongo Mongare, advocate Alivin Machoka, Nyambega Mose, Duke Mokaya, Joseph Ongaki and Tabitha Momanyi. Many residents now say former senator Okongo Mongare did a better job compared to Omogeni. Omogeni who uses taxis so as to hide from his voters is a marked man as the voters have vowed to reject his bid come the next general. He is also accused of dividing local journalists preferring those working with the local FM stations. Currently, there is trouble brewing between Omogeni and the MCAs after he claimed that the MCAs have plotted and schemed to impeach Governor Amos Nyaribo claims which the members dismissed strongly.

Alvin Machoka

The MCAs led by the leader of the majority Duke Masira have termed the senator’s claims as meant to bring bad blood between them and the governor. Masira said Omogeni was one of the under-performing senators in the country and told him to discard his divisive politics which he termed as retrogressive. Omogeni had rubbished plans by members of Nyamira county assembly to impeach Nyaribo saying their move could not succeed as it could meeting. Omogeni reminded the MCAs that what the people of Nyamira county wanted from them and the governor was working together in spearheading development in the county but not political feuds and contests. Speaking during a funds drive in aid of Ekerubo Catholic Church in West Mugirango constituency , Omogeni said it was naïve for the MCAs to start plotting the impeachment of governor who is not even three months in office. He said that it was disappointing that MCAs are putting roadblocks on the governor’s plans of developing the county because of their selfish political gains and warned that as the area senator and the people of Nyamira county they will not allow such behaviours to continue.

Duke Masira

“These MCAs have blocked Governor Nyaribo from appointing James Gesami as his deputy governor yet Gesami has also served as MP without any problem, Omogeni told the gathering. He dared the MCAs to bring the impeach motion of Nyaribo to senate and promised them that once that files reach his office, he would send it back to the sender with immediate effect. “I am the chairman of the committee addressing the impeachment motions of governors but let me assure you that the one of Nyamira governor could not see the light of the day,” he added. He noted that the current political wars between the governor and MCAs are not healthy for the development of the county and they must come to an end. “What are they going to impeach him of when he has not even started discharging his duties because of the many roadblocks they have put on his way,” he asked. Masira said Omogeni has failed his role of oversighting the county government, and therefore asked the area residents to ditch his bid come the next general elections.

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