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One-horse race in Vihiga – Weekly Citizen



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Ambassador Ken Vitisia has one foot in parliament as the Vihiga constituency after being nominated as the ODM candidate for the parliamentary seat.

Ken Vitisia

As the sole Azimio candidate, he will square it out with two Kenya Kwanza candidates MP Ernest Kagesi of Amani National Congress and former MP Yusuf Chanzu of UDA. Kagesi commonly known as Pepe Kale has been accused of corruption in the NG-CDF kitty and is also seen as an outsider in Vihiga constituency having his grassroots in Emuhaya constituency. Chanzu who served as MP for 15 years is now known only for insulting and abusing the electorates.

Ernest Kagesi

Chanzu vied for Vihiga county gubernatorial seat in 2017 and lost to Wilbur Otichillo. Vitisia comes from the populous Lugaga Wamuluma ward and enjoys support of former Lugaga Wamuluma MCA Wilberforce Kitiezo and former Vihiga county woman representative, commissioner Dorcas Kedogo. Kedogo and Kitiezo vied in 2017 and lost. To counter Vitisia wave ANC and UDA candidates have resorted to voter bribery. Recently, residents from Lugaga Wamuluma were ferried to Logere in Hamisi, the home of the incumbent to receive their own share of the CDF funds looting.

Yusuf Chanzu

However, word on the ground is ‘kula kwa Kagesi na Chanzu kura kwa Vitisia’. The ANC candidate is also in a dilemma as to whether the recently chosen Vihiga constituency ANC MCA nominees will help him after a flopped ANC nomination process in the constituency. The shambolic nominations came after the party learned that the Vihiga electorate would not turn out. The nominations were conducted at Club Diamond owned by Kagesi.

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