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One-on-one: Uhuru speaks on peace, graft, 'big four' agenda



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President Uhuru Kenyatta has expressed optimism on the success of the war against corruption and the ‘Big Four’ agenda.

During an interview in Mombasa, Mr Kenyatta urged the Judiciary to ensure its independence is not compromised and that corruption cases are determined quickly.

“I am not dictating to them. Judiciary must be active. They should hear cases before them expeditiously and independently. It is their business to determine if suspects are guilty,” he said.

The President also noted that majority of Kenyans are jaded with courts taking too long to determine such cases.

Despite his fervent efforts to root out graft, some politicians have been throwing dirt on the integrity of the campaign, terming it biased against particular tribes.

But Mr Kenyatta categorically stated that since graft does not discriminate, the war will only target individuals and not a whole community.

“Engaging in corruption is a personal decision. I will continue urging Kenyans not to allow others to use ethnicity or religion to scuttle justice.”

For it to be successful, he said the Judiciary has been given the space and resources to do their job effectively.

“Our ability to showcase our success is through victory. We will leave behind a legacy that allows those who have chosen to go into public service to perform their duties with integrity. The holders of all public offices must be part and parcel of our endeavour to defeat this vice. Everybody has a role to play,” he said.

More importantly, the Head of State said the welfare of Kenyans is partly dependent on the attainment of the four agenda of promoting food security, manufacturing sector, affordable housing and universal healthcare.

Admitting that Kenyans are bulking under the weight of costly medical care, he said the recently launched healthcare scheme pilot project in Kisumu, Isiolo, Machakos and Nyeri counties will help alleviate the situation.