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Police Officer Suspended After Losing Gun in Toilet



A police officer has been suspended after losing a Ceska pistol that had been assigned to him.

The officer, who has been identified as Charles Nyakeya, reportedly lost the firearm on Monday, January 9 during a bathroom break.

According to a police report, Nyakeya forgot the pistol – which had 15 rounds of ammunition – on top of the cistern while relieving himself.

Image of toilet cistern

Upon realizing that he had left the gun behind, the officer rushed back to the toilet to look for it but couldn’t find it.

It is then that they decided to conduct a search around the toilet and within the workplace but their efforts bore no fruits.

The matter was then reported to Kwale County Police Commander Tom Mboya Odiero who decided to suspend Nyakeya on grounds of negligence.

He will now receive half of his monthly pay pending a disciplinary decision on the matter.

While clarifying that he is still a police officer, Mboya said Nyakeya would be stripped of the powers and privileges that he is entitled to until a decision is made on the matter.

Cases of officers losing their guns carelessly have witnessed a sharp increase over the last few months.

Just recently, an officer attached at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) office in Nairobi lost his gun while partying with his friends at a club in Utawala. Surprisingly, he only realized his gun was missing on his way home.

Image of Kenyan police officers

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