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President Uhuru kenyatta’s Barefoot Dance That Made Jomo Kenyatta Buy Shoes for Pupils



A retired police officer who was attached to Kenya’s first President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta revealed how Uhuru Kenyatta danced barefoot and prompted his father to buy shoes for primary school pupils. 

Mugo Karuga recollected what happened one time when children from a school in Central Kenya went to Gatundu to entertain Mzee Kenyatta. 

“As the children embarked in a mass choir to entertain the president, I saw the young Uhuru rush to the dais, whispered to his father, and immediately he removed his shoes and joined the choir,” he narrated. 

Mugo Karuga, a retired GSU officer who used to drive the young Uhuru Kenyatta and his two other siblings to school

Later, the former president ordered Karuga to take the pupils for shopping to the nearest Bata shop where each got a pair of shoes. 

“Had Uhuru not done what he did, perhaps his father would not have noticed or seen the need to have the children fitted with shoes,” he told journalists. 

The former driver also narrated memories of driving the current Head of State, his brother Muhoho Kenyatta and sister Nyokabi Kenyatta to and from school. 

“Uhuru loved riding his bicycle and at times he would ask me to ride it and feel its comfortable,” he fondly recalled. 

Karuga retired in 1977, with his last posting being at Wanguru Police Station in Mwea, Kirinyaga. 

“When retired President Daniel Arap Moi came to power, he came with his own presidential guards and those of us who served under Kenyatta were transferred to various police stations,” he stated. 

His last contact with President Uhuru was when Mzee Kenyatta died in 1978. 

He expressed his desire to meet Uhuru asking, “One thing I would greatly desire is to meet and spend a day with President Uhuru and laugh with him as we did when he was young.” 

President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and Former Somalia President Siad Barre with cultural dancers

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