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Referendum a waste of time, says Governor Okoth Obado



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Migori Governor Okoth Obado has opposed the calls for a referendum to change the Constitution, terming it a waste of time.

Speaking in Migori on Saturday, Mr Obado called on the politicians agitating for the referendum to stop it and instead concentrate on addressing pertinent matters of development.

“Let all leaders think of providing employment for our people instead of concentrating on things like a referendum to change this or that. If I am asked, [I would say that] this referendum thing is a mere waste of time,” said Mr Obado.

He added, “If someone is interested in bringing a referendum, let us first of all be told or be shown how many new enterprises we want to create; how many new factories have been started for our farmers. Let us look at challenges facing our nation like unemployment of the youth instead of focusing on changing the law.”

Opposition leader Raila Odinga is among leaders who have been pushing for a referendum to change the Constitution.

Mr Odinga has called for a parliamentary system of government that will have an executive prime minister.

His calls have been supported by a section of Jubilee Party politicians.

But Deputy President William Ruto and his lieutenants have been wary of the calls to change the law, arguing that the move is aimed at complicating matters for him in his quest for the presidency in 2022.

While on his maiden tour of Nyanza region recently, President Uhuru Kenyatta hinted at his possible support of the need to change the law to enable those who lose elections to be accommodated in government.

“We said we must look at this issue of winner takes all. If that is why some people feel left out of government, we must ask ourselves, is it a good thing or not?” the President said.