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Robbers steal cofee worth Sh3 million in Mburi factory, Kirinyaga



Coffee farmers from Mburi coffee factory are counting losses after a gang broke into their factory and escaped with over 55 bags of grade one coffee parchment, worth Sh 3 million.

During the 1 am ordeal, several watchmen who were guarding the factory were injured and are admitted at the Kerugoya County hospital.

The 10 member gang also assaulted a passerby who was caught up at the factory gate as they drove away.

The factory manager Charles Kamuca said the coffee was meant to be delivered today to Mathira coffee miller.

He said they were making arrangements to transport the 300 bags that remained after the theft.

The factory has 1550 active members and several employees.

The county police commander, Leah Kithei who visited the factory declined to comment claiming her remarks would jeopardize investigations.

Some residents claimed the theft appeared to have been an inside job going by the fact that the thieves went straight to the store where coffee had been kept.

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