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Ruto’s bumpy State House ride, Poaching reduces in 2018, KAA grabbed land: Your Breakfast Briefing



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The Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji has pledged to defend the independence of the Judiciary months after charging a top judge, a decision that triggered a political storm. 

In an interview with the Star, Haji described the Kenyan Bench as “very able” and expressed optimism that his office will get fair hearing from the Judges.

These are the stories making headlines in the Star this Friday morning.

Ruto’s ride to State House turns bumpy

What was expected to be a smooth transition from President Uhuru Kenyatta to his Deputy William Ruto is turning into a nightmare for the DP after fresh and more serious opposition emerged from within his Jubilee Party and populous central Kenya.

Ruto’s 2022 presidential ambition faces major obstacles that threaten to scuttle his bid despite his unrelenting campaigns to succeed Uhuru.


Kenya lost 396 jumbos in 2018, says KWS report

Kenya lost 396 elephants this year to diverse causes, a report by the Kenya Wildlife Service said yesterday.

The agency in a statement said this is a 30 per cent drop in elephant mortality compared to 727 that died in 2017.

“Wildlife deaths result from many causes, including disease, drought, drowning, territorial fights, old age, human-wildlife conflicts, accidents and poaching,” KWS acting director Charles Musyoki said.


How handshake shocker altered the country’s political terrain

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Chief Raila Odinga pulled a shocker on their closest allies in a surprise truce that has radically altered the country’s political equation.

After months of charged political electioneering that pushed Kenya to the brink of disintegration, Uhuru and Raila publicly met after days of delicate and closely guarded behind-the-scenes negotiations.

It immediately triggered new political realignments as suspicion and mistrust began to rock the two major political formations –– Jubilee and NASA.


37 per cent of primary school pupils vulnerable to drug use

More than 37 per cent of primary school pupils would be tempted to use drugs if an opportunity arose.

In terms of location, 37.6 per cent in rural areas said they would be tempted as compared to 38.4 per cent among urban pupils, with a percentage of 40 and 35.6 among girls and boys respectively.

A report by NACADA further shows that pupils from urban areas (60.2 per cent) are more likely to say no when offered a cigarette than those in the rural areas (59.2 per cent).


Company accused of grabbing KAA land obtains Sh70m loan from Diamond Bank

The Kenya Airport Authority was left in shock a fortnight ago after learning that a financial institution had financed a loan to a company which had claimed ownership of its land.

Documents tabled before the National Land Commission showed that the Diamond Trust Bank advanced a loan of Sh70 million to Milicons Limited.

Milicons is among the firms accused by KAA of encroaching on their land.


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