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Samsung calls it a day and bid farewell to its modest smartphones – TechMoran



Up to this point, Samsung consumers/fans were hoping that their nightmares would never see the daylight, but ouch, more disappointments awaited them. But a little hope for them, the S pen “Might” not see an early burial. The South Korean manufacturer calls it a day towards the manufacture of the Note Series of the Galaxy smartphones, at least according to an insider from Samsung.

Samsung has not clarified on the Subject, but a person in the Know has now spilt some painful information about the Note series of smartphones. In August, the manufacturer introduced the foldable smartphones (Z Fold & Z Flip 3) instead of the usual Note series that we are used to; most specifically, Galaxy Note 21 will be coming later. The Note series has ceased existence, but it has left its retractable S pen to carry on its good deeds.

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra & the Z fold three will still utilize the S Pen. Currently, it is nowhere to be seen, but it will be from the patent that Samsung is now throwing at us. We can’t argue that many Galaxy note users won’t be affected, the model has grown a large fanbase over the years, but luckily enough, Samsung always does what it does best, such that there must be a solution for every problem.

A few ago, the future was promising for many cell phones after the manufacturer first announced the Galaxy Note smartphones. For example, many brands used to ship their smartphones in significantly smaller sizes, but since then, the designs of various phones have been growing since except for an S pen. Moreover, what Samsung is currently planning secretly, we are sure it won’t be adopted anywhere.

Even if the person in the Know is now claiming that the Note series of phones will stop existing, this doesn’t mean that it will unless Samsung offers an official statement. After all, recently, we witnessed a rendition of a model” unknown” that could continue with the good deeds of the classic Galaxy Note


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