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Senior supplies officer testifies in NYS case



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A witness testifying in the trial of 32 suspects implicated in the loss of Sh60.5 million at the National Youth Service (NYS) was Tuesday hard-pressed to explain why staff from the agency were charged yet they were not the ones who carried out the procurement.

Ms Joyce Nyamusi Ala, an assistant director of the supplies chain at the department of Public Works, admitted that NYS was not involved in the procurement of the goods and services.

The witness said the procurement and signing of contracts was done by the supplies branch at the Ministry of Public Works and the names of the prequalified companies forwarded to NYS.

Asked by defence lawyer Migos Ogamba about who should be blamed when an error happens, the witness said it is the supplies branch that should carry the responsibility.

The 32 suspects include former Public Service and Youth principal secretary Lillian Mbogo Omollo and former NYS director-general Richard Ndubai.

They have denied conspiring to defraud the NYS of Sh60,598,800 on diverse dates between April 6, 2016 and April 27, 2017.

Ms Omollo has denied three counts of abuse of office and wilful failure to comply with procurement laws by authorising payments to Arkroad Holdings Ltd and Andrine Grace Nyambura, who trades as Kalabash Food supplies.

Mr Ndubai has denied charges of abuse of office and wilful failure to comply with procurement laws when he allegedly authorised payments to Easatz Ltd and Arkroad Holdings Ltd.

The traders, among them Ms Andrine Grace Nyambura, Catherine Kamuyu, Sarah Murugu, Anthony Wamiti and Peter Wagura, have denied fraudulently receiving payments from the NYS for goods not supplied.