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Siaya boda boda riders defy police boss orders on traffic rules



Boda boda operators in Ugunja on Monday defied police boss Griffinalis Barasa’s orders to comply with the traffic regulations in two hours.

They told Barasa off saying the regulations take effect after December 31.

Drama ensued when Barasa, accompanied by Administration Police Commandant Wilson Ng’etich, arrived at Ugunja trading centre and summoned the boda boda riders for an impromptu meeting.

Barasa then ordered the operators to comply with the traffic safety rules in two hours or face arrest and possible prosecution.

“I direct you people to ensure that you have a driving licence, insurance, helmet and stop using sandals while on duty in the next two hours,” he said.

Barasa’s orders met resistance from the operators who booed him and said Interior CS Fred Matiang’i had given them until the end of the year to comply.

Some of the operators then asked Barasa whether his orders superseded those of Matiang’i.

“Kwani wewe ni mkubwa kushinda Matiang’i (Are you superior to Matiang’i)?” the group shouted.

Barasa said the December 31 deadline was a “mere rumour”, adding whoever defied his orders would face his wrath.

Tempers flared and the boda boda riders said they will seek Barasa’s transfer.

“Tutahakikisha tumekutoa hapa na mwingine kuletwa, (We will ensure that we remove you from here),” the operators shouted.

Sensing danger, Barasa and Ng’etich entered their police Land Cruiser and sped off.

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