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Stalled projects in Taita Taveta funded and complete for public use



Samboja said he will work with the MCA to allocate more funds to distribute water to Mombasa village in Lushangonyi location.

“We shall combine efforts with your MCA so that we can jointly gather more money to distribute water to Mombasa village residents,” he told the residents who had come out to witness the launch of the project.

According to the area MCA Hon. Anselm Mwadime, the County Government is undertaking 25 projects in the area, 11 of which are ready for use by the public.

At the same time, open air market operators in Mgange Nyika and Mgange Dawida have a reason to smile after their markets were opened for use on Thursday.

The two markets that were started by the previous County administration had stalled prompting the current regime and the MCA to chip in to ensure their completion.

The completion of the projects was informed by the desires of the residents to have the projects in place after they prioritized them in the CIDP.

Speaking in the area, Governor Samboja cautioned project management committees against being lured by contractors to change some items in the initial BQs for their benefits.

“My government will be keen on projects. We shall be open to the public. All project details and costs will be available for the residents to access any time. I will ensure we get value for their money,” said the County boss.

The current cattle dip grounds in Mgange Nyika will be used to set up a new open air market after residents expressed their desires to have another market in place to reduce congestion in Mgange town during market days.

In addition, Taita Taveta County Administration has issued 7,000 macadamia seedlings to residents of Mwanda/Mgange Ward to promote agribusiness.

Each household is expected to receive 10 macadamia seedlings which will earn them an income of about 180,000 annually. Each macadamia tree can produce up to 100kgs per season. A kilogram of macadamia is now selling at ksh. 180 shillings.

Speaking in Mgange Market where he launched the distribution and planting exercise, Samboja says that the project will turn around the financial status of the region which previously lacked a cash crop.

“We started this project because of the favorable climatic conditions for macadamia farming. We want to empower every household through agribusiness,” said the County boss.

His sentiment were echoed by the area MCA Anselm Mwadime who said that apart from development projects, residents also yearn for empowerment programs that will boost their household incomes.

Nominated MCA Catherine Mwakiwiwi encouraged the residents to ensure the plants grow to maturity for them to reap the benefits.

“We have seen many citizens who became rich after engaging in macadamia planting. Ensure that you protect the seedlings so that they can grow well,” she said.

In the next budgets, the leaders will consider more agribusiness projects like apple mango, yellow passion among others that will be given to residents at the lower areas like Mwaroko to promote diversity among farmers who mostly grow maize and beans.