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Suicide bomber involved in Riverside attack – Boinnet



A suicide bomber was involved in the suspected terror attack at Dusit house along 14 Riverside Drive.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet said the first explosion that destroyed vehicles and injured several people at the entrance of the building was by the suicide attacker.

” The attack started at the I&M bank with an explosion targetted at three vehicles in the parking lot. It was followed by a suicide explosion at the front of the Dusit Hotel where a number of guests suffered severe injuries,” the IG told a media briefing this evening.

He added; “But due to the swift response by our officers the situation has been largely contained.” 

The attack started at around 3 pm.

Boinnet also said that security agencies have secured six out the seven floors of the house.

He said the multi-agency operation is still ongoing to neutralise the attackers still believed to be inside.

“All the six floors have been secured and our teams are moving to secure the remaining building within the premises,” Boinnet added.

Though the IG has not disclosed many details on the attackers, he said the “criminal activity” started at 3 pm when the gunmen stormed the I&M bank within the premises.

At least 30 people have been hospitalised in different hospitals in Nairobi following the suspected terror attack.

Boinett further urged members of the public not to share, retweet or forward images purported to have originated from the scene of the crime.

“We caution members of the public that sympathisers have posted old and disturbing images that do not relate to what has happened. Their motive is to glorify the acts. We request that such images be flagged to authorities,” he said.

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