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Tanzania stops release of an IMF report on its economy



The Tanzanian government has stopped the release of an important report published by the International Monetary Fund touching on the country’s economic situation and monetary policies.

The IMF regularly monitors the economic and financial policies of its member states in order to guarantee the effective operation of the international monetary system. According to a statement by IMF, the international lender “…conducts comprehensive analysis on the general economic situation and policy strategy of each member country.” Economists at the international lending body visit member states annually where they collect data and hold discussions with government officials. They then present their finds to the IMF board members who create a report from the data collected.  

 According to IMF rules, such reports cannot be released to the public without the consent of the specific government. The financial organization says that 95 percent of the reports get released.

In the latest report, Tanzanian officials declined to give consent for the report to be released. In a statement to the press, IMF said, “The authorities have not consented to publication of the staff report or relate press release.”

Tanzania’s government has been criticized by major world organizations for its repressive policies. IMF recently revised the country’s economic growth projections for 2019 from 6.6 percent to 4 percent. Additionally, the World Bank has criticized Tanzania’s decision to expel pregnant girls from school. In 2018, the Bank delayed a $300 million loan to the country due to the oppressive policy against pregnant school girls.     


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