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Tastemakers Africa, an adventure marketplace, raises $1.4m




Tastemakers Africa, an adventure marketplace showcasing African travel experiences to the world, has raised $1.4 million from Precursor Ventures to market its platform to tourists globally.

Founded by Cheraé Robinson, Tastemakers Africa offers curated tours created and hosted by artists, creators, and makers in Africa to connect its users to real people offering authentic experiences in their own cultures.

“Our goal is build a world in which we value people on equal standing no matter where they are born or the color of their skin,” says the firm. “We put a premium on culture, especially that created by people of African descent whether they are based on the continent or living in the diaspora.

Currently in Accra, Cape Town, Dakar, and Johannesburg and quickly expanding worldwide. Tastemakers takes a 20% commission on each transaction fulfilled and will use the funds to sign up more experiences and ramp up its product using machine learning to better connect tourists to better experiences and suppliers to more customers, Robinson told TechCrunch.

Tastemasters Africa works easily. You choose your destination, cue in your travel dates and then the platform displays a number of experiences available on those dates. The vetted trips have been curated by vetted members of the community and therefore legit.


After adding them to the cart and have paid, the firm will send you a confirmation receipt with all the details of the trip including the meeting point of your contact and how you can reach out to them. Apart from experiences for individuals, the platform also offers group travel for individuals, universities, and corporations.

For one to join as a curator to host experiences on, they will need to fill in an application form, with details about themselves and their experiences ad await the Tastemakers team to review it.

After an adventure or experience is reviewed and posted online, users then book and pay for it then Tastemasters markets it to potential guests via various channels including its own platform plus social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and newsletters to its partners such as hotels, hostels, tour operators among others.


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