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Tension rocks Paa party over Ruto plan – Weekly Citizen



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Tension is high in Pamoja African Alliance party following a move by Kilifi governor Amason Kingi and other top party officials to take the outfit to Kenya Kwanza of William Ruto.

Amason Kingi

Supporters and candidates for various positions are opposed to the move and have warned of legal action. Some of the candidates were attracted to the party because of its affiliation to Azimio la Umoja coalition whose presidential candidate is Raila Odinga. “We shall not accept to be auctioned to Kenya Kwanza as that will
interfere with our legitimate political expectations which prompted us to join the party. Our supporters must be consulted because even our campaign manifesto is tailored in the direction of Azimio la Umoja model,” said one of the MP candidates vying on the PAA ticket.

Samson Mwathethe

PAA is among parties forming Azimio-One Kenya Coalition and the officials have already written to the registrar of political parties Ann Nderitu seeking to withdraw from the coalition. Paa joined Azimio la Umoja under Jubilee party. Sources in the party have pointed out that a fallout between governor Kingi and Samson Mwathethe is the cause of turbulence in the party. It is claimed Mwathethe who was the link between the party officials and State House has decided to pull out over lack of honesty in the party operations.

Lucas Maitha

Seeing an opportunity to create a perception that Kenya Kwanza was making inroads in Coast politics, Ruto is said to be using former Malindi MP Lucas Maitha, an official of Paa to poach the party at a huge fee. If Ruto succeeds in taking over Paa, the party’s Kilifi county gubernatorial candidate George Kithi will be among the likely causalities. He is currently contesting against Aisha Jumwa, a Ruto sidekick.

George Kithi

If his party joins Kenya Kwanza, he will either be asked to step down for Jumwa or share the political spoils on the ground and give the ODM candidate a head-start, it is being pointed out. The Paa party officials on the other hand are said to be eager to make a killing and apparently don’t care if party candidates win or not as they have already finished with them after they paid their nomination fees, it is being pointed out.

Aisha Jumwa

Kadu Asili party, another Coastal political outfit was the first one to be swallowed by Ruto even though it did not create any known political impact as it was merely seen as a briefcase entity.

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