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The largest shopping malls in Africa



Shopping malls have become some of the most popular places to go do shopping and enjoy yourself at this current age. One can know this is true with increased rates of which malls are being constructed from different parts of Kenya and across Africa.

The bigger the mall, the more facilities which it will have and the more the facilities the more customers you are sure to receive. Malls in Kenya have become a popular place where family and friends enjoy spending time and just having a time of their lives.

The largest mall in Africa is the Mall of Arabia which is located in Cairo Egypt. It has 267,000 square footage .


The good thing is that most malls have every thing one may want to do in just one building. Restaurants, gaming centers, shops and other recreational activities which might be available.


It usually gets thousands of guests all though the year and you got to appreciate it, cause the infrastructure is quite amazing.

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