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The seven types of men you will meet before finding ‘the one’



They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

And according to Australian relationship expert Tala Scott, there are seven different types of men you will meet before finding ‘the one’.

Appearing on the Today show, the author rounded up the men you will most likely come across on the dating scene.

Reflecting back on her experiences, Ms Scott revealed she found her very own ‘Mr Darcy’ at the age of 29 – but she had to let him go because she was already married.

Following her marriage breakdown, she set out to explore the stages of love – and she discovered the seven types of men following 25 years of research. 

Mr Grey

From the outside, Mr Grey appears to be a handsome man who has his life together – but he has a fear of love.

‘He’s all about control and he’s emotionally distant,’ she explained. 

Mr McDreamy 

Mr McDreamy is the ultimate ‘soulmate’ of relationships – the man you typically see in romantic movies.

She explained how women have an incredibly strong connection with Mr McDreamy who is filled with unconditional love, self-care and understanding.

Everything seems perfect with Mr McDreamy but he can be platonic.

Mr Unavailable 

Mr Unavailable has a deep sense of love but there’s something missing.

‘He’s not available mentally or emotionally,’ she said, adding that he can’t offer a full connection in a relationship.

Mr Upgrade

‘There’s a lot of magnetism with Mr Upgrade but he gets to a point in his life where he’s very unsettled and he would usually upgrade to a younger lady,’ she said.

He has a strong soul connection but he’s still unhealed from his past relationship.

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