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Translocation protocol changed after rhino deaths



The Kenya Wildlife Service has revised its translocation guidelines for wildlife following the botched exercise that resulted in the death of 11 rhinos.

The translocation of 14 rhinos, six from Lake Nakuru and eight from Nairobi National Parks, began on June, 26 last year.

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Under the revised guidelines, KWS acting Director General Charles Musyoki said, “If the immobilisation is for translocation purposes, adequate planning is critical, including lon- term commitment to protect, monitor and manage the translocated animals.”

The pre-translocation activities must include scientific and technical inputs to inform planning, careful consideration of the justification and objectives of the proposed translocation, feasibility assessments to determine whether the translocation should proceed as planned.

Musyoki said the public have up to January 21 to give their comments.

“Ecological suitability, source populations, and disease risk must also be assessed to ensure translocated animals are not exposed to novel infections or new pathogens,” he said.

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