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Two vehicles plunge into Indian Ocean in Mombasa



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Two motorists Thursday evening escaped death narrowly after their vehicles plunged into the Indian Ocean at the busy Likoni Channel in Mombasa.

The two, a truck and saloon car drivers, were rescued from the vehicles by Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) personnel.

Eyewitnesses said the lorry, which was ferrying grains, plunged from a ferry hitting the smaller vehicle that was behind it in an accident that saw both vehicles plunge into the ocean.

The driver of the saloon car was rushed to the Aga Khan Hospital while the truck driver stuck around the scene to supervise the extraction of his vehicle from the water.

The incident temporarily caused traffic at the channel as motorists and commuters were left stranded.

Vessels operating at the channel found it difficult to land at the mainland side ramp of the channel as the truck partly blocked the access way.

KFS communication officer Aaron Mutiso said the situation is under control.

“It is an accident and we would like motorists to ensure that their vehicles are mechanically sound,” Mr Mutiso said.