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Uhuru meets Ruto, warns against early campaigns



Only hours after putting up a show of friendship in a church on Sunday, President Uhuru Kenyatta reportedly met his Deputy William Ruto yesterday in a meeting that is reported to have lasted five hours.

Different people told the Star yesterday that the President – who has on several occasions warned against 2022 politics – expressed his unhapiness with his number two starting early campaigns for his 2022 bid.

The meeting was held at State House Nairobi from 11am. It was not immidiately clear if anyone else apart from the two attended.

Reached for comment, State House spokesperson Kanze Dena neither confirmed nor denied any meeting between the two leaders.

She said she was not aware but it was not unusual for the two leaders to meet.

“I am not aware of any meeting. If there was one, we would have communicated through our official channels. Furthermore, it is normal for the two leaders to consult from time to time,” Kanze told Star on phone.

The latest friction in Jubilee was triggered by ex-Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe who vowed to launch a stop Ruto movement and threatened to lead mass walkout from the party.

A section of Ruto’s allies hit back and threatened to mobilise against Uhuru triggering speculations that the DP was behind the rebellion.

“The DP is throwing punches [at the president] using the shield of his supporters. He cannot distance himself from his supporters,” claimed Narc Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua last week

As the war of words escalated, Uhuru and Ruto remained mum not appearing in public together until Saturday and Sunday this week

Uhuru spent the festive season in Mombasa dining with his new political soulmate, Opposition Chief Raila Odinga

Ruto on the other hand was operating between Nairobi and his rural Sugoi home hosting delegations from various communities with his eye on the 2022 contest.

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According to State House sources, the DP secured an appointment with Uhuru at 9am today.

However, they only met at 11 am, two hours after the schedule time.

It is in this meeting that our sources said Uhuru confronted his deputy and had a lenthy discussion over DP’s premature campaigns.

Ruto has been accused of engaging in early 2022 campaigns through his ‘tangatanga’ team which has been crisscrossing the country drumming support for Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

Both Uhuru and Raila have cautioned leaders against engaging in early campaigns and instead focus on the realisation of Big Four Agenda, which Uhuru want to use to cement his legacy.

The Star also established that the DP was away from his Harambee House Annex offices for the better part of yesterday and only reported few minutes past 5pm.

Ruto’s Communication Secretary David Mugonyi however referred the Star to State House saying they are well placed to give a comment.

“I am not aware. It will be good to confirm with State House. They will be best placed to answer to your questions,” Mugonyi said.

Ruto has been making countless tours across the country to popularise his bid for the State House race.

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In May last year, Uhuru was blunt with Ruto when he told him at a public rally in Nairobi that Ruto likes roaming around during weekends .

​“Hii kijana anaitwa Ruto unajua kila wikendi anatangatanga kila pahali. Atakuwa anapitia hizi machochoro. Akiona kitu inaenda konakona mmwambie. Tuhakikishe kazi ya wananchi imefanyika (This young man called Ruto, you know he likes roaming everywhere every weekend. He will be passing through these routes. If he sees anything that is not going well, tell him. We have to make sure citizen needs are fulfilled),” said President Uhuru.

On Sunday, the DP put up a brave face and denied that there is leadership crisis in Jubilee as alleged in some quarters.

He accused the media and a group of propagandist of peddling lies over the party adding that any discontented member was free to leave.

“We don’t have room for those peddling rumors and propaganda and they are free to leave Jubilee for other parties. We know the press is in business but they should stop lying to Kenyans about the perceived differences in Jubilee,” he said.

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