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UK Rolls out Programme to Boost Growth of Kenyan Horticultural Products



The United Kingdom has rolled out programmes as part of efforts to boost the growth of Kenyan horticultural products through targeted trade and investment support.

Speaking during the launch of the Trade Connect and Growth Gateway programmes, The UK Trade Envoy to Kenya, Theo Clarke said that the new programmes will help the two countries capitalize on investment opportunities which she notes will increase job opportunities.

“Our economic relationship with Kenya is a key cornerstone of our strategic partnership. We want to see more Kenyan produce from fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables to mangoes and avocados on supermarket shelves in the UK,” Theo Clarke as quoted by Capital Business.

Through the two programmes, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government aims to support the Kenyan horticultural sector, focusing on growing exports from Kenya to the United Kingdom.

Some of the products targeted include vegetables, mangoes, avocados, and value-added products (dried/prepared fruit, avocado oil, and nut mixes/butter). The United Kingdom will also be looking to grow exports to Kenya through the new programmes.

According to a report released by the European Country, Kenyan horticultural exports to the UK are currently worth Sh 50 billion a year.

On his part, Julius Court, UK Deputy High Commissioner and Development Director acknowledged the existence of untapped opportunities in regard to trade between the two countries noting that they will continue to collaborate with Kenya for the success of their partnerships.

“There are real opportunities for partnership between the United Kingdom and Kenya to increase agricultural productivity and exports for the benefit of both Kenyan producers and United Kingdom consumers. We look forward to continuing this dialogue as part of our economic partnership agreement to boost trade and investment between the UK and Kenya,’ Julius Court, UK Deputy High Commissioner and Development Director.

Growth Gateway programme is a business support service which helps the UK and African businesses to trade and invest while Trade Connect is aimed to increase exports from Africa to the rest of the world, providing direct support and advice to African businesses operating internationally and helping them make the most of their preferential market access to the UK.

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