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What Ezekiel Mutua said about Diamond’s Ban by Tanzania Govt



Kenya’s ‘moral cop’ Ezekiel Mutua has surprisingly taken a hands-off approach to the ban imposed on Diamond Platnumz by Tanzania’s regulatory body Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA).

According to the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO, Diamond is free to perform in Kenya as the country is not bound by Tanzanian laws.

Speaking to Pilipili FM, Mutua said that he cannot stop or arrest the Wasafi CEO based on the neighbouring country’s ‘morality’ laws but noted that the singer is subject to Kenyan laws once he is in the country.

”We are Kenyans, we are not Tanzanians but they have been banned to perform outside Tanzania so it is purely their decision. Have seen the board has written their statement, they have banned them from performing even outside Tanzania.

“Their statement says they will jail them for life if they fail to follow the order. I don’t think I have anything to say, we are not Tanzanians and they’ve been banned by the Tanzanian government, if they perform it’s their own business, I cannot arrest them because they have been banned in Tanzania, I can only arrest them within the laws of Kenya.

“There is no issue, it is not me it is them but if they come here and commit a crime in the event, we will deal with them with Kenyan law. It is not really our decision, we have nothing to do with it, whether they come or not, we are not involved in any way and cannot stop them from coming because of Tanzania. We can only ban them because of our laws here,” said Mutua.

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