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What’s Modern Love? – The New York Times



For 15 years, Modern Love has brought personal essays about love, loss and redemption to readers of The New York Times. Four years ago, it became a podcast. And now the column has inspired an eight-episode series on Amazon Prime Video.

You can read the original essays that the episodes are based on here:

(They are also available, along with dozens of others, in our recently published Modern Love anthology.)

Once you’ve read the essays and watched the episodes, you may ask yourself: What’s happened since? Where is the author now? How is the author now?

So I interviewed four of the people whose essays inspired episodes, seeking answers. You can read those interviews here:

Then, if you’d like to check out a sampler of Modern Love columns without having to plunge blindly into our 750-column archive, I pulled together, in no particular order, a collection of 25 of the most read, most shared and most memorable Modern Love essays.

Some more things a Modern Love fan may want to do:

Thanks for reading, listening and watching. We hope you enjoy.

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