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Why Kenya’s State House Changed Location



The Kenya government’s base of operation was moved to the current State House in Killimani in 1907 after fears regarding the previous location.

The pioneer governors who worked from the Old Provincial Commissioner’s office moved uphill due to concerns of flooding.

The original office which was situated at the roundabout of Kenyatta Avenue and Uhuru Highway squatted on flood-prone flat ground.

The Old Provincial Commissioner’s office which served at the government’s operations base

It was designed by C. Rand Overy, the architect who also designed the McMillan Memorial Library that is also along Kenyatta Avenue. 

The old base has now been converted to a national monument under the management of the National Museums of Kenya.

Parliament was also moved from the Railway Sports Club at the roundabout of Uhuru Highway and Haile Selassie avenue to its current location along Parliament road.

The earliest legislators of the first Parliament used to meet and debate inside a wooden building.

A lot of history lies behind major structures in Nairobi, some of them being built by freemasons working on the railway.

The All Saints Cathedral along Kenyatta Avenue was designed by British architect, Temple Moore who was a Freemason in Kenya.

The White House Lodge which was also built by masons was burnt down in 1905, but another one was quickly built, on the very spot that the Central Bank of Kenya is today.

The Mc Millan Memorial Library Nairobi

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