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Why WILLIAM RUTO may never set foot in State House- KALENJINS should reads this, “Hustler’s” goose is already cooked.



DAILY POST: Why WILLIAM RUTO may never set foot in State House- KALENJINS should reads this, “Hustler’s” goose is already cooked.

You’ve heard this story before.
That there exists three kinds of politicians: Those who make
things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what’s
happening. William Ruto might not like this constant reminder, but it doesn’t
take away the fact that the March 2018 handshake was the day he watched his
2022 gameplan go up in smoke.
All political mathematics revolving around the identity of the
next president of Kenya must always take into account the Kalenjin, Luo and the
Kikuyu vote. Voting as a bloc, the candidate with the support of any two of
those three communities will always be the man to beat going into any general
William Ruto had Kalenjins and Kikuyus United in one accord,
making sure he had an easy stroll into 2022, until the March 2018 handshake
brought Raila Odinga back into the equation. The chess grandmaster of Kenyan
politics returns to the main fold just when his pupil was beginning to behave
like a silverback gorilla.
Raila Odinga’s reentry into the big league makes it easy for two
things to happen to William Ruto.
If Kikuyus decide not to honor their promise and back another
candidate for 2022, and in the likely event that William Ruto wins the
presidential vote but the win is stolen from him, it will be very difficult for
William Ruto to foment a revolution.
This should be a no brainer. Only Raila Odinga can destabilize
the national government by paralyzing operations in Kenya’s three main cities;
Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. The most important town William Ruto commands is
Eldoret, a rural insignificant outpost that will take only one teargas canister
to be lobbed and protestors will scatter like Mike Sonko’s pidgin English after
a round of adulterated beer.
William Ruto’s anti-government chokehold on Eldoret is made much
more difficult with the presence of the Kenya Defence Forces Baracks in Soi.
They also have a bullet factory there in Eldoret so if any Kalenjin militiaman
thinks they will swing a rungu against outsiders if William Ruto’s vote is
stolen in 2022, they have a lot of reasons to think again. The government was
caught offguard in 2007. They have made a promise that it will not happen
The only assured avenue for William Ruto to be president is for
Uhuru Kenyatta to die midway into his second term, upon which William Ruto
takes the oath of office to see off the remainder of the term. The last time a
Kenyan president died in office, his Deputy took over the reigns of power, and
you all know how long it took to get him out of that place.
William Ruto is a poor man’s Daniel Moi without the wisdom that
should come with it. Daniel Moi knew when to stop, William Ruto doesn’t know
when to stop. If anything happens to Uhuru Kenyatta, and anything can happen to
Uhuru Kenyatta, and William Ruto takes over the reigns of power, you can be
sure that Daniel Moi’s 24 year record as president of Kenya will have found a
suitable match.
Do not be fooled that David Murathe’s noise is a hollow one.
Kikuyus have no problem honoring their political debt owed to William Ruto. The
only misgiving they have is whether William Ruto can be trusted to honor back the
debt when his turn to step down comes around. They are saying they’d rather
have any other Kalenjin but not William Ruto, because it took them 24 years to
get back the presidency from Daniel Moi.
They have been once bitten, and they are now twice shy.

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