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2 Kenyan Firms Offering Free Dowry After Decline in Weddings



2 Kenyan Firms Offering Free Dowry After Decline in Weddings

Two organisations in Lamu County are offering free dowry for many to boost marriages and weddings within the Coast Region.

The two, Kenya Youth Business Trust and Sharjah Charity International, joined forces to gift men unable to raise their dowry by giving it to them for free as well as gift them Ksh50,000 and free shoes for them and their partners.

Speaking to the press on Saturday, May 28, a representative from one of the organisations noted that the money gift is only provided to help the newly married couple kickstart life together.

She further noted that aside from the dowry and cash payment, the groom is handed his wedding clothes and shoes while the bride receives a gown and shoes.

An undated photo of two identical wedding rings.

Their wedding expenses will also be catered for with the first batch of weddings slated for July 4, 2022.

“They will be given a stipend of about Ksh50,000 to start their life. Then, they will receive wedding gowns and Kanzu,” she told Citizen TV.

So far, 50 couples have been approved for the first round of weddings from a possible applicant pool of over 65 couples experiencing financial difficulties.

One of the winners told the press that he was elated with the initiative because he was unable to tie the knot after his bride’s family requested an expensive dowry.

“This project has really helped me a lot because I had no means to raise the dowry. I loved her but I had no means to get the dowry because the demands were too much,” he stated.

Another beneficiary revealed that he had already invited his family and friends to the event on July 4, as soon as he realised that he had passed the test.

According to the organisations, all applicants are given a form to fill out before a thorough background search on them to ascertain their eligibility.

Among the queries on the form is the individual’s family tree, health status, and whether they are employed.

A wedding gown on sale

A wedding gown on sale