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Almost 50% of Kenyans fail to achieve 2018 new year’s resolutions – poll



It’s that time of the year when people review the success of their resolutions and set others.

However, many Kenyans did not achieve their resolutions if results of the TIFA opinion poll are anything to go by.

The polls show that out of 52 per cent of Kenyans who set a goal to establish a business, only 28 per cent of them, that is slightly over half of
them, attained this resolution.

In addition, out of 33 per cent who had the desire to get a new job in 2018, only a paltry 11 per cent achieved this goal.

This is on the backdrop of the finding by the same survey that close to 60 per cent of Kenyans have rated the year 2018 as a bad one compared to 43 per cent who think it has been good.

They blame cost of living and unemployment as having been high this year.  

Other goals set included attaining a work-life balance which was set by 28 per cent of people and only half achieved it.

Some 23 per cent of people sampled had sought to spend time with immediate family and pursue higher education in the year respectively.

Only 14 percent achieved the former, while 13 the latter. 

Other goals included building a house, changing a wardrobe, getting married, and buying a car (nine per cent in each category).

Only 3, 4,4 2 per cent of the people achieved them respectively. 

Only one out of three per cent of those who set out at the beginning of the year to buy land succeeded. 

Kenyans have not lost hope, though.

Slightly over four out 10 Kenyans intend to set up a business in the new year.

Some 32 per cent others hope to find a job in 2019.

Another 24 per cent hope to try achieving a work-life balance.

Other Kenyans hope to pursue higher education in the new year (22), spend time with immediate family (21), buy a car (10), get married (10), build a house (7).

Others hope to change wardrobe (7), expand business (4), buy a plot of land (4) and Take kids to school (3).

However, if you do not have any new year’s resolution, you are not alone.

The research shows that about 28 per cent of Kenyans still do not have new year’s resolutions.

Some 1,267 respondents participated in the survey funded by TIFA research Kenya.

It had a margin-of-error of +/- 3 with a 95% confidence level.

It carried out from December 19 through 21 nationally through face to face interview. 

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