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Apple celebrates 35th anniversary of Macintosh : The Standard



Apple’s computer has been on sale for 35 years and Tim Cook tweeted in celebration. [Photo: Mirror]

Apple is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Apple Macintosh being unveiled. On January 24 1984, Steve Jobs stood on a stage and introduced the new machine with “Hello” on the screen to rapturous applause.

But two days before the reveal Apple teased the launch of the Mac with its now famous 1984 advert which played during that year’s Superbowl. Directed by Ridley Scott the advert is one of the most famous ever made.
The first Mac was powerful by standards of the day, but now even the most basic mobile phone has more under the hood – that’s just the way of technology though.
Original specs included a Motorola CPU running at just 8MHz and 128k of RAM. Today’s iPhone XS Max runs at 2.5GHz and has 4GB RAM.

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But the Mac was a neat solution, a built-in black and white monitor ran at a resolution of 512×342 and it had a built-in floppy disk drive to store files.
It’s important to remember, too, that the Mac was the first computer to introduce people to a graphical user interface and the use of a mouse. Within years this was the de facto way of using a computer, but before people used text-based user interfaces to do everything.
Two apps were included, MacWrite and MacPaint which gave users an introduction to using their computers for work and fun.
The Mac wasn’t Apple’s first computer, it was already selling the Apple II family of machines and they carried on until the early 1990s. The Apple II was eventually discontinued in November 1993.
Today it was Tim Cook’s turn to pay tribute to one of Apple’s most famous products. His tweet explained how proud the company is of how many people use its computers to follow their passions and create the future.

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35 years ago, Macintosh said hello. It changed the way we think about computers and went on to change the world. We love the Mac, and today we’re proud that more people than ever are using it to follow their passions and create the future.
The Mac certainly changed the world of computers and continues to offer some of the most impressive hardware design around. It also brought around a massive change in industries like newspapers, like the one you’re reading now.
So we’ll join Tim Cook in wishing the Mac a happy 35th birthday and in the fine tradition of journalism we’ll raise a pint to it later too.

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