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ASK HR: Before you ask for a raise, consider these important pointers



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Q. I have worked in this company for three years now, during which I have not gotten a raise, which I feel I deserve. However, I recently learnt that two of my colleagues got a raise last year and don’t understand why I was bypassed. I intend to ask my boss to review my salary. How do I present a strong case for myself?

I am yet to meet an employee who believes he or she doesn’t deserve a salary raise. In fact, majority of employees feel that they are underpaid and are still in their positions because another organisation has not spotted them.

Salary issues are very emotive; therefore, it is important to approach them with a sober mind. Most organisations offer annual increment depending on their financial performance, while salary reviews and increment upon promotion are based on the performance of the individual, therefore, never base your justification for salary review on the circumstances of other employees, rather, assess your case as an individual, based on your contribution to the organisation.

In three years, I am sure you have made some outstanding contribution in your role, which you can use to negotiate for more money.

My advice would be that before you approach your boss, find out what your peers in the industry are earning. Also, tabulate the non-monetary benefits you are eligible to, to arrive at the actual remuneration. You also need to find out whether the role of the two colleagues has been expanded to include more responsibilities.

How is the organisation currently performing? You will look like you are not in touch with the reality if you bring up salary review discussions when the revenues are on the decline. The mood and atmosphere in the organisation is another factor to consider before you approach your boss with all your facts right.

Caution: don’t give ultimatums in case you don’t get a positive response.

Portray positivity as you discuss, giving reassurance of your commitment with or without a review. Remember to appreciate what you are currently earning and for the opportunity the organisation has given you to nurture your career.

Individual salary is a confidential matter, therefore, you have no way of confirming whose salary is reviewed or not. In future, for your peace of mind, focus on your work and steer clear of rumour mills, especially the ones related to salaries.