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Be careful… ‘ Tanasha Donna reveals Diamond is not the type to make women happy



Tanasha Donna has turned into a motivational speaker after parting ways with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.

The mother of one has been lecturing her fellow women on dating and in one of her previous posts, she said she wasn’t tolerating male celebs anymore.

Tanasha Donna

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The mother of one took a jibe at Diamond, claiming he doesn’t know how to take care of women. She bigged up Bonfire Adventures, a tours company that sponsored her vacay.

@bonfire, You sure know how to make a woman feel like a QUEEN. HAPPY WOMEN’s DAY TO ALL THE STRONG FEARLESS POWERFUL WOMEN IN THE WORLD. 🇰🇪🌊❤️; she posted.

In another post, she advised women not to be deceived by looks and be very careful before falling for anyone.

Pay attention. Even salt looks like sugar,’ she wrote.

Tanasha advice

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Tanasha fell out with her baby daddy a week ago after he allegedly cheated on her with the super sexy video vixen in his Jeje video.

In a series of Instagram posts over the weekend, Tanasha encouraged her followers to never pay back a wrong with another wrong.

When people wrong you never wrong them back. You can only fight evil with good. You will sleep better at night knowing all along you were real, genuine, loyal and not fake, as you sit back and relax for their karma to hit them.

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