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Blue economy: Comply with maritime laws, PS Nancy Karigithu tells shippers



Shipping and Maritime PS Nancy Karigithu on Tuesday challenged developing countries to comply with laws such as the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.

Karigithu told the delegates during the ongoing blue economy at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre that “business and trade must henceforth be ethical and prudent.”

“For developing countries, in particular, we must purpose that our entry and expansion of participation in the Blue Economy needs to be green right from the start,” she said.

Karigithu said compliance with laws such as the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships has a necessary cost which is appreciated.

The PS said the conference is the trigger for further play and trade in the maritime shipping industry.

“However, the fact that compliance has a cost will no longer be a basis for continued pollution and destruction through our operations in maritime shipping,” she said.

Karigithu said parties to the International Maritime Organisation Convention have willingly adopted the ambitious and mandatory targets, which beyond 2020 will be difficult for any organisation to profit from in business and breach at the same time.

She said developed countries have a robust maritime and shipping industry.

Karigithu said statistics from developing countries tell a very different story and paint an interesting unique picture.

For example, Africa has a land mass of 20.3 per cent of the total globe.

Its population is 16.64 per cent and increasing at 2.52 per cent per year.

Karigithu said the statistics need to be seen as positive attributes that point to an immense resource base.

“Unfortunately, Africa global trade by value is only 2.7 per cent,” she said adding that the maritime exports are only seven per cent while imports are the only five per cent.

She said that this means that developing Countries have vast resources which remain untapped.

“This reality from the perspective of a business person is very attractive because it provides limitless opportunities for constant growth over the next few decades.”

She said investing in the maritime shipping industry will be an opportunity to wake the sleeping giants in the developing world.

“However, as we embrace the opportunities, we will have to do this sustainably by leveraging growth prospects in the Blue Economy, making use of the abundant low-cost labour, establishing businesses along the various coasts.”

The PS pleaded EU, IMO, multilateral and donors, to make deliberate efforts to support developing countries as they seek to work and trade green in the maritime shipping industry.

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