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Canon unveils EOS R mirrorless system camera



Canon CCNA on Wednesday unveiled the new EOS R full frame mirrorless system amid efforts to cement its position as innovators in imaging technology.

The technology will now see photographers shoot and film in extremely low light with accurate focusing.

The new system of camera, lenses, and accessories sets new heights in the company’s image quality to push forward the frontiers of creative storytelling and satisfying the ever-evolving needs of its customers.

Amine Djourahre, senior sales and marketing manager, said the new system is a game changer for the company in catering for the needs of its customers in photography and film making.

While the new body designed to carry the lenses is currently retailing at Sh274,999, the kit including the 24-105mm lense is retailing at Sh389,721.

“Users of EOS R will experience incredibly fast performance, superb ergonomics and superior, uncompromising, image quality. It is primarily aimed at experienced amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals who want a more compact, lightweight body without compromising on image quality,” he said.

According to Amine, EOS R features an all-new RF lens mount that has been completely re-engineered with a design of lenses at its core.lenses which expand the boundaries of optical possibility.

The system comes with four new compatible lenses, the RF 28-70mm, RF 50mm, RF 24-105mm and RF 35mm.

The cameras are currently at the Universal Gift Centre, High Definition Holdings, Snapshot and Luminate Camera Stores.

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