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Chief Justice Maraga Accident exposes Uhuru regime naivity, carelessness in matters security



By J Githu via FB

When DR wahome gakuru died in a road accident we had alot of discussion on how safe the road railings are, we had suggestions, looked at the best practices in the world , wasted time, dily dalied, buried him, forgot him and move on! No single design change HAS been done on our road railings……..

Yesterday the president of the judiciary had a brush with death, of course he will be treated we will make noise and nothing will change.

In this country, obeying traffic rules does not guarantee you any safety on the roads, if another vehicle hits yours, most of the times you suffer more than the person on the wrong. Enforcement of third party risks in this country is basically immposibe!

When you see a policemen checking your insurance certificate on your windscreen he is only doing that to satisfy his ego, whether you cause an accident or another motorist causes an accident and you are involved, the damage is the same.

Maybe , just maybe this accident was to help Maraga wake up and deal with the millions of accident cases in court where law abiding citizens are suffering!

Merry Christmas

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