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China Reports No Coronavirus Positive Case For The First Time



China Reports No Coronavirus Positive Case For The First Time

China has reported no positive case of COVID-19 for the first time since the country confirmed its first case in January

According to China`s Health Commission, the cases of coronavirus fell from four to zero between Thursday and Friday

So far, China, where the coronavirus originated, has reported 4,600 deaths and 83, 000 positive cases of coronavirus

However, China, unlike any other countries, has made a great step to halt the spread of the novel virus

Reports indicate that stringent travel restrictions helped the country to contain the global p


There are more than 5.2 million COVID-19 infections globally and almost 339,000 fatalities according to reports revealed by the Johns Hopkins University

So far, the US has remained the epicentre of the novel coronavirus with 1.6 million positive cases of COVID-19

Russia is the second with almost 336, 000 and Brazil is in the third position with almost 331, 000 positive cases

The steady increase in the cases of the virus has also been reported in Chile, Mexico and Peru.

On the other hand, Africa has seen a lower mortality rate than Europe and this has been linked to its younger population

Currently, the officials are a hint at the suspension of Cholera, measles, polio and other vaccinations

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in China, the rift between China and the US has widened which each country blaming each other for the outbrea

Again, a study by the World Health Organizing points out that the pandemic is interfering with infant immunization.