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Christmas traditions in Kenya that YOU NO LONGER practice but will remember



Christmas tree and lights

Christmas norms/traditions such as midnight mass, carol singing and greeting cards are dying out because modern life has taken over, according to a study.

Well locally in Kenya, there are ways and norms we celebrate Christmas festivities but however over time, some of the ways have ceased to take place.

As bad as it may sound, some traditions that bring in the holiday spirit need not to vanish and need to be embraced more often.

I miss the days when Christmas was big of a deal and people couldn’t wait for the season.

Below is a list of activities that made Christmas the bomb and over the years, have gone down the drain;

1.Saving the best clothes for the D-day

Waah! What happened to this, I mean I remember how exciting it felt to have a new attire just for the day and it always felt like a fashion show day.

2. Sending Christmas cards

I’m not sure how common this was in different families, but before all the online communication platforms became a thing.

3. Family gatherings in ‘Ushago

Traveling to upcountry to see faraway relatives in the festive season has been the most commonly pushed aside activity for other Christmas priorities, such as traveling to different destinations or countries ‘thanks’ to social media which has replaced real time.

4. Singing Christmas Carols

Gathering as relatives to sing Carols has always been a festive spirit uplift. Which Christmas carol would you sing to the end?

One,two, none, WOW,OK!

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5. Decorating the house

Unlike how the American’s go big, a simple decor like a small tree, shimmery ribbons, always went a long way especially for kids. Currently, few people do so.

6. Cooking as a Family

As families gather, the norm was everyone had a specific dish to prepare, from aunties, uncles to cousins. Doing this had always been fun however, these days people tend to hire chef’s or get outside catering thus less the fun.

7. Going to Church on Christmas Eve 

In celebration of the occasion, nativity scenes are played out, carols are sung and in some cases dances are performed. Majority of people these days get to party and spend the night out.

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