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CJ Koome beseechs God to provide guidance during elections



Chief Justice Martha Koome has called on politicians to commit to a peaceful campaign and transition saying Kenya doesn’t belong to politicians alone.

In a powerful prayer during the National prayer breakfast, Koome said, “Let everybody know that this country belongs to all of us and not politicians, and no one has a right to rob another off their right and dignity. I pray that the campaigns will be devoid of name calling, that they will be issue oriented and not personality driven.”

She beseeched God to keep Kenya safe during the elections and the subsequent transition period at the National and County level.

“Being a time for contested electioneering I pray for those who would want to divide our nation for their selfish reasons. I pray against the spirit of fear and violence, let no Kenyan be subjected to violence, let no Kenya be displaced or lose their loved ones due to electoral violence,” She said.

Koome also lauded Parliament for organizing the prayer breakfast saying it has kept Kenya in a prayer trajectory and renewal for the last 19 years.

“We in the judiciary stood on the threshold to seek forgiveness because and offered confessions because we haven’t been able to meet the expectations of Kenyans as far as justice is concerned. We confessed we delayed justice, we confessed that we have let murderers and criminals go scot free, we confessed of all our shortcomings and invited God to walk with us as we continue to transform the Judiciary through access to justice.”

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi extended his gratitude to religious leaders for being at the forefront in praying for the Country in readiness for the elections.

‘’Despite our differing views and opinions as a people, we’ve always found it necessary to bow in humility before the Lord and accept that we need to seek him without fail. This unity in humbling ourselves can only be the Lord’s doing,” He said.

His sentiments were echoed by Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka who called for Gods guidance during elections and urged Kenyans to commit to have peaceful elections.

“The theme of this year’s prayer breakfast is Transition, we gather here to give thanks and to reflect on what we have achieved as a Country and to seek God’s mercy and guidance as we prepare for election,” he said.

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