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Indeed, power is sweet. Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has started reaping the fruits of his new role as AU special envoy. His reception in Parliament yesterday was quite telling. Senior leaders of the House were at hand to receive him when he attended the afternoon session to witness voting on the gender rule. Notably, the ex-PM arrived in an elaborate motorcade and had a special seat reserved for him at the Speaker’s gallery. Before his appointment, Raila would ordinarily have walked in without much fuss, especially in the period after President Uhuru Kenyatta won a second term.


A governor from western Kenya has hired his sister-in-law as the protocol officer in charge of his office, weeks after a nasty standoff with the county First Lady. The county chief is said to have bitterly differed with his wife during their trip abroad over claims of infidelity. Reports indicated that the couple fought at their hotel room. They were on a business trip and were expected to stay in the Asian country for a week. But while the wife jetted back into the country in a huff alone after two days, she had tongues wagging after she confronted her sister. The sister, a former primary school teacher, is said to be secretly seeing the governor and has previously accompanied him to oversees trips despite initially having no official capacity. There are murmurs at the county that the governor was plotting to separate with the wife sooner than later.


A business associate of a deputy governor from the coast has threatened to spill the beans about his underground dealings. The two, known for engaging in multi-million gold trade with Congolese connections, could part over a deal gone sour. The two are said to have defrauded a Congolese of some gold worth Sh10 million in the lead up to last year’s general election and shared the loot. The DG borrowed some Sh3 million from his associate to fund the campaigns which he has refused to refund. It will be interesting how they resolve their dispute given that the Congolese is still pursuing both of them.


Women parliamentarians (KEWOPA) went about lobbying their male counterparts frantically on Tuesday to vote for the gender bill yesterday. And it was not without drama as the MPs and civil society activists pursued some parliamentarians to top city hotels. The lobbying extended to yesterday morning at a top hotel where strategists and development partners were scheming. One opposition MP was overheard complaining that he was ignored by KEWOPA and the lobbying team yet some of his colleagues had shamelessly been compromised ahead of yesterday’s abortive vote. One frustrated MP was heard asking what the men want. Ask again, Mheshimiwa! We don’t know.

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