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Court magistrate issues an arrest warrant for Wema Sepetu after breaching her bail terms




Tuesday, 11th of June 2019, a court in Dar issues an arrest warrant for Diamond´s ex, Wema Sepetu after defying court orders.

Kisutu Resident Magistrate, Maira Kasonde takes the step after the former beauty queen failed to appear in court, as agreed.

The popular Bongo movie actress allegedly went against bond terms by skipping court appearance.

Wema Sepetu is facing charges after being found in possession of 1.80 grams of Marijuana, illegally.

Earlier on, State Attorney, Silyia Mitanto argued that Wema failed to appear in court on Tuesday as well as her surety, on a day set for her cross-examination.

In her defense, lawyer Ruben Simwanza argues that his client [Wema] reported in court before falling ill.

Therefore prompting an immediate hospital checkup.

Unfortunately, Magistrate Maira Kasonde did not buy this therefore giving the orders.

Kama amekuja mahakamani halafu akaondoka bila kutoa taarifa, mahakama itajuaje kama alikuja?

Alishindwa nini kutoa taarifa mahakamani.

[If she came to court and left without informing the court, how will the court know that indeed she was in the premises?]

Wema Sepetu´s case has been adjourned until the 4th of July 2019.


This case dates back in 2017 when the Tanzanian beauty was first arraigned in court due to possession of the illegal drug.


A case that is yet to be solved.

This is after the police searched her house at the time, in Kunduchi-Ununio where the narcotics were discovered.

Wema was then arraigned in court alongside her 2 house helps, Angelina Msigwa and Mr Selemani Abbas, before denying charges.

They were however later released after meeting the court demands of each having 2 sureties who were supposed to sign a Ksh 5 Million bond.

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