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DCI man faces penalty for failing to give Rio documents to prosecutor



The Anti-Corruption Court yesterday ordered the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to punish an officer who failed to comply with its orders over the Rio Olympics scandal case.

This case was adjourned for the third time after the pre-trial hearing failed to start. The defence had not been supplied with documents. Former Sports CS Hassan Wario and five sports officials were charged with the embezzlement of funds during the 2016 competition.

Officer Michael Muia told the court he was went for training in Kiganjo , then went on annual leave and left officer Joseph Kibet to take over the case.

But Kibet said he communicated the court’s directive to the lead officer via a WhatsApp text after he failed to reach him by phone. Chief magistrate Douglas Ogoti wants against taken against Kibet.

The prosecution said it had yet to get some documents it intends to use before the pre-trial conference can begin. It blamed the DCI for the delay. However, the magistrate criticised the blame game. He accused the officers of being lazy and not doing their job.

“Muia is in court and stated he has come from leave today. Clearly, there’s a game being played” he said.

Ogoti said the court had been accused of laxity, even though they have been trying to proceed with cases but are let down by adjournments.

“The court shall not condone lazy officers. If you know you are not up to the task, inform the relevant authority. The court is aware that lack of communication of official orders is an offence under the standing orders,” Ogoti ruled.

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