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After sunset, even the most modest of gardens can assume a regal enchantment, thanks to skillful lighting.
With today’s busy schedules, people do most of their relaxing and entertaining after nightfall.
And now, thanks to technology there is a whole new world of possibilities. You can enjoy all kinds of decorative lighting that offer stylish glow without glare. Best of all, today’s low-voltage lighting fixtures unlock the possibility of having energy-efficient garden lights quickly with minimal expense and complete safety.

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Here are some ideas to guide you through installing decorative lights in your garden.
Lighting styles
Research on the different lighting styles to find out what is possible for you.
To begin, go outside after dark with a strong flashlight.
Shine the light in different directions, trying to play up moods as you highlight different spaces and elements in the garden. Different lighting styles create different looks and feels.
Lights pointing down can give a broad, natural highlight to interesting features of the garden. Upward lights on another hand can give a glow to leaves.
Backlighting can accent the drama of an interesting tree or structure, particularly if the lighted object is in front of a plain surface. Lights diffused with translucent screens can shine down subtly from a tree or the side of a house, mimicking moonlight.
Lights that graze or wash across an interesting architectural surface, like a fence or chimney, can be striking as they highlight their interesting textures.
Develop a plan
Once you have developed your lighting ideas, you need to decide which light types you want placed where.
The best way to do this is to develop a lighting plan for your site. You can either consult a landscape professional to help you develop one or do it yourself. Try to visualize the overall look.
The goal of the plan is to highlight certain areas, tasks and elements in the landscape, while at the same time provide a low level of light throughout to bring about warmth and charm without discomfort glare.
Different colours of light will create different effects
White light looks natural while the yellows and reds will create a more carnival mood. The blues and violets on another hand will look eerie.
The height and brightness of a light, as well as the direction of its reflector, will also change the effect. While trying out all these possibilities, strive to avoid glare in a stroller’s eyes or on neighbouring properties and be careful not to overdo anything.
-The writer is a landscape architect   

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