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Diamond Platnumz dedicates song to his Nairobi Bae



Tanasha Donna is assuring you haters that Diamond Platnumz still loves her.

Tanzanian superstar Diamond, a few weeks ago announced that he has found love in a certain lass called Tanasha.

Diamond Platumz and his bae Tanasha Donna

Taking to his Insta stories, Diamond scribbled her name on sand to make it known that he loves Tanasha. People started insinuating that the said Tanasha is Kenyan model and media personality, Tanasha Donna.

Our assumptions were true, it was the Kenyan Tanasha and they have been publicizing it all over social media.

Tanasha took to social media to announce that the two came to a mutual agreement that they would keep their relationship private just to focus on themselves. But it seems Diamond is not about that life.

Diamond has taken it further and dedicated a whole song to his Tanasha, his huge love tune, ‘Baila’.

He wrote,

from Me to you @tanashadonna ? #BAILA Favorite Song 

Diamond is not about to stop professing his love for Tanasha even though they decided to keep their relationship private.

By now it’s pretty clear we’ll be seeing a lot of confessions from the two of them of how much they are in love with each, even though it’s pretty clear that all this is a publicity stunt.

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